Engage Framework for Entrepreneurship Education

We all want to form our students to be able to handle situations they may face in their professional life. At Engage, we focus on developing students’ entrepreneurial skills and mindset so that they can handle changing circumstances in an uncertain world. How can we stimulate this through our education?

Our intention is to enhance the likelihood that students will identify and capture the right opportunity at the right time for the right reason, even in uncertain and unpredictable conditions. This requires an educational approach that goes beyond understanding and verbalizing, it requires using, applying, and acting – it requires practice. But what sort of practice, and how can we introduce that into our educational activities?

As educators, we each have our own settings for teaching, we teach differently, and we have student groups with different needs and prior knowledge. In other words, educational activities are not necessarily directly transferable between different educators, so we should constantly work to develop our own ways of teaching. When we at Engage work to develop our educational activities, we try to let our students learn through five elements: act to solve issues through practice or real experiments, interact with other students or external stakeholders, challenge the “real-world” outside the university, embrace uncertainty instead of shying away from it, and reflect to create personal sense-making and transform raw experiences into internalized knowledge.

For each resource on this hub, we give an indication of which elements of the framework are being supported by that resource. It is also possible to filter resources that specifically support one or more of the framework elements.

Five Elements of the Engage framework

The framework is developed by: