Engage Talk – Entrepreneurship and prototyping

Engage Talk - Entrepreneurship and prototyping

A conversation with Heikki Sjöman, Anne Lise

Øiesvold and Jeanette Grønnslett

Today’s topic is entrepreneurship and prototyping. Eirik Gjelsvik Medbø from Engage talks to researcher Heikki Sjöman from Engage, industrial designer Anne Lise Øiesvold from Føn Designlab and founding nurse Jeanette Grønnslett from Aune about what prototyping is. How do you prototype and can you use it as a tool for learning? The video is in Norwegian.

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Design thinking

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  • Learn how to use the design thinking approach to innovation
  • Build valuable products and services
  • Develop rapid prototypes
  • Learn to dance with ambiguity

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