Engage Talk – Entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship​

Engage Talk - Entrepreneurship and Intrapreneurship

A conversation with Morten Ansteensen, 

Arild Aspelund and Bård Benum

In this episode of Engage Talks we are focusing on entrepreneurship in existing organizations; intrapreneurship. How can intrapreneurship lay the foundation for success and how can we promote and clear the way for an intrapreneurial organizational culture? Maiken Nilsen Stensaker from Engage talks to Morten Ansteensen from BKK, Arild Aspelund from NTNU and Bård Benum from VitalThings. The video is in Norwegian.

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Entrepreneurial Nurses in the Literature: A Systematic Literature Review

Entrepreneurial Nurses in the Literature: A Systematic Literature Review

Article by Gunn-Berit Neergård,

PhD Candidate, NTNU


This study explores the main characteristics of entrepreneurial nursing. Background: Nurses have acted entrepreneurially in a multitude of ways since the very beginning of the nursing profession. Still, it is unclear what it means for a nurse to be entrepreneurial. Entrepreneurial nurses are often described inconsistently, by non‐inclusive terms not founded in research. There is a need to examine the essence of entrepreneurial nursing roles. Evaluation: I conducted the research as a systematic literature review of 647 documents. Analysing empirical descriptions of entrepreneurial nurses’ employment status, contexts, knowledge, activities, barriers and motivations led to the description of two entrepreneurial nursing roles. 

Key issues: The employment status of entrepreneurial nurses represent an important difference in their activities, challenges and motivations. Conclusions: Entrepreneurial nurses may act as nurse entrepreneurs or nurse intrapreneurs. These roles are empirically rooted in the field of nursing, and theoretically rooted in the field of entrepreneurship. Implications for Nursing Management: Entrepreneurial nurses are influenced by the support they get and the challenges they face in the healthcare system. Knowing the characteristics of entrepreneurial nurses are important for nurse managers, as they lead employees who may become nurse entrepreneurs or nurse intrapreneurs.

Full text

  • Neergård, Gunn-Berit. (2020). Entrepreneurial Nurses in the Literature: A Systematic Literature Review. Journal of nursing management. 29.10.1111/jonm.13210.

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