Entrepreneurial Mindset Shift and the Role of Cycles of Learning

Article by Matthew P. Lynch and Andrew C. Corbett

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This article describes how the entrepreneurial mindset is comprised of two predominant orientations, one toward finding and selecting potential solutions, the other focused on implementation and execution of these solutions. We explore this duality of the entrepreneurial mindset and note its role in moving forward the field’s understanding of this elusive concept. Specifically, we argue that entrepreneurs cycle between these two orientations in order to learn about their nascent opportunity and to continue to move it forward. Our work addresses prior theoretical inconsistencies and highlights implications for future research, measurement, and pedagogical approaches.

Full text

  • Matthew P. Lynch & Andrew C. Corbett (2021) Entrepreneurial mindset shift and the role of cycles of learning, Journal of Small Business Management, DOI: 10.1080/00472778.2021.1924381

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