The Engage Resource Hub is for educators from all disciplines with an interest in entrepreneurship. It offers a collection of teaching methods, learning material and background information on entrepreneurship in education. Through this, we aim to support you and other teaching staff in higher education so that you, in turn, can support your students to become change agents for the better. 

With the Engage Resource Hub we aim to become the portal for educators from different disciplines where you can find different types of resources developed by SFU Engage, its partners and other relevant actors.

Simultaneously, we aim to offer you a platform for sharing and exchanging knowledge and experiences for and from you educators on how you use the resources from the hub and how you integrate entrepreneurship in your own teaching context. 

To find the most relevant resources for you, we structure them according to topic, resource category and the elements of the
Engage framework:

Topics: it is possible to select resources related to a specific topic within entrepreneurship education, e.g. creativity, customers or value creation.

Resource categories: the hub collects different types of resources, including E-talks, Introductory videos, research articles and teaching tools.

  • E-talk or Engage talk is a digital series of discussions
    with different actors in the field of entrepreneurship. Different current
    topics get highlighted that can be useful for professionals, experts, business and education.
  • Introductory videos collects 10-15min videos that offer an introduction into different relevant topics within entrepreneurship education. Most of these videos have been developed and used in higher education.
  • Research articles collects scientific publications from Engage researchers. In Engage, we aim to develop educational initiatives as well as we aim to understand better what and how learning happens through entrepreneurship education. The publications present some of the research done in Engage.
  • Teaching tools are a collection of teaching methods and tools that educators can use in the classroom, as exercises or assignments or in workshops.

Engage framework: the Engage framework for Entrepreneurship Education entails five elements that we consider to be central when we develop educational activities that support students to become a change agent: act, interact, challenge, embrace and reflect. 

Engage - Centre for Engaged Education through Entrepreneurship

The Engage Resource Hub is an initiative by the Engage Centre.

The ambition of Engage is to develop higher education to increase the number of students in Norway and around the world with entrepreneurial skills and mindset to become change agents and innovate for the better.